Flood Watch warning

Flood Watch warning

The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) has issued a Flood Watch advisory for parts of the region. The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) have set up road closure and detour signs in some municipalities to warn motorists that sections of some county roads in low-lying areas may be subject to temporary flooding.

Anyone driving through The Nation Municipality or Alfred-Plantagenet Township should be aware of the following road closure/detour situations in those communities resulting from spring flooding.

In The Nation there are road closure warnings for: Concession Road 12, west of County Road 9 up to the Scotch River Road intersection; on the section of River Bank Road, between rural addresses 3930 to 2833; Concession Road 12, east of County Road 9; and on Lefebvre Road.

In Alfred-Plantagenet Township there are road closure and detour notices for : Concession Road 4 from about 1100 metres east of County Road 19 to Route 16; Concession Road 7, from about one kilometre east of Station Road to St-Jean Road; Concession Road 9, from Russell Road to about 1100 metres east of Russell Road; and Concession Road 10, from about 400 metres west of County Road 19 to the end of the road.

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