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Hawkesbury high-tech business acquires two companies

Larry Hansen (à gauche) et Alain Madore (à droite) célèbrent la fusion d'entreprises. — Photo fournie
Larry Hansen (à gauche) et Alain Madore (à droite) célèbrent la fusion d'entreprises.
Photo fournie
DART Aerospace in Hawkesbury has acquired two American companies, Paravion Technology Inc. and Century Helicopters Inc.  

DART Aerospace has long had its largest manufacturing, engineering, and servicing plant on Aberdeen Street in Hawkesbury, but now it’s expanding across the border with its latest acquisition. DART has acquired Paravion Technology Inc, an aircraft equipment manufacturer based in Fort Collins, Colorado, along with Century Helicopters Inc, Paravion’s service centre arm. 

“DART Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has acquired Colorado-based aircraft equipment manufacturer Paravion Technology Inc., and their MRO service arm Century Helicopters Inc,” DART said in a LinkedIn post. 

Paravion Technology launched in 1985 and today offers various accessories and original-equipment-manufactured equipment for airplanes and helicopters. Century Helicopters offers expertise in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Century will continue serving its existing customers and ISR contracts under DART’s new management, and Paravion will expand into nine new locations worldwide. 

“Paravion’s diverse quality product offering, when paired with DART’s powerful global marketing strength, open incredible opportunities to boost Paravion’s products and expand DART’s leadership as a one-stop mission equipment supplier,” said Alain Madore, DART’s president and CEO. 

“This is an exciting time for Paravion and our customers,” said Larry Hansen, president and CEO of Paravion/Century. “This blending of capabilities and products will provide increased support and opportunity to our current customers and, through DART’s extensive network, bring quality Paravion products to a larger share of the market.” 

Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.