Future plans suggested for old PR Residence

Future plans suggested for old PR Residence

Sylvie Millette, social services director for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) thinks the present Prescott-Russell Residence might have potential as an affordable housing project. She proposed UCPR council during its February 9 committee of the whole session that her department do a study on possible options for the building once its tenants have relocated to the new Residence.

« This study would evaluate Option 1, if a revamp of the existing building would be feasible, » Millette said, « Option 2, to demolish and rebuild, or Option 3, to sell it as is. »

Millette noted that past studies and surveys done for the UCPR on issues listed the lack of affordable housing as « the number one concern » for many residents and agencies in Prescott-Russell. For now, all she needs from UCPR council is its consent and support to begin the planning process for doing such an evaluation study. That would include determining much the study might cost, how to pay for it, and the process for hiring a consultant to do it.

Council gave its unanimous support to Millette to begin the preparation work for doing the study and report back at a future session.

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