Mayor protests “toxic atmosphere” on Hawkesbury council

Mayor protests “toxic atmosphere” on Hawkesbury council

Joined by Councillor Lawrence Bogue, Mayor Assaly began her daily protest walk on Tuesday, November 9, “after some long hard thinking.” She said the noon-hour protest is meant to draw public attention to the “toxic atmosphere” that exists both at the municipal office and also on Hawkesbury council.

“At this point in time, we have a divided council,” she said.

The mayor said that council has voted 4-3 against several of her proposals for dealing with working relationships between city staff and counci. She said there is an atmosphere of “anxiety and fear” at the municipal office that affects everyone “including myself” and that council needs to address the situation.

“I think it’s the responsibility of each councillor to ensure that employees work in a positive and a safe and healthy workplace,” she said, adding that the issue will be part of the in-camera discussion portion of the November 16 council session. “Hopefully they (council members) will be of an open mind and attempt to find some solution.”

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