SNC promotes safe hunting practices

SNC promotes safe hunting practices

The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) allows limited hunting on the lands that it manages for wildlife and waterfowl conservation and also for recreation use and flood control monitoring of the South Nation River watershed. 

More than 13,000 acres of community forest and wetlands are under SNC management and about 8500 acress of that territory is open for limited hunting at certain times of the year provided hunters have a valid permit to be there from the SNC. The $100 permit is available to resident hunters only. First Nations residents are not required to apply for the SNC permit if they are hunting for food, social, or ceremonial reasons.. 

Anyone hunting on SNC properties must follow all hunting safety procedures to avoid accidental injury to themselves or to others. Anyone using a dog for hunting should make sure the dog wears a brightly-coloured blanket or T-shirt to make sure other hunters do not mistake the dog for a game animal. 

To apply for the SNC permit phone toll-free to 1-877-984-2947 or go to Anyone who sees a suspected poaching incident or other violation on SNC property should call toll-free to the provincial tip line at 1-877-847-7667. 

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