School asks township for snow removal help

School asks township for snow removal help

Council reviewed a letter from École élémentaire catholique Curé-Labrosse in Saint-Eugène during its June 14 session. The letter was a request for help clearing snow from the sidewalks in front of the school to ensure students either walking to school or who are dropped off by their parents have a safe entry route onto the school grounds. 

The letter stated that the number of students brought to the school during winter by their parents had tripled during the pandemic. Sometimes students were forced to walk on the street part of the way to get to the school driveway entrance because the sidewalk were blocked with snow. 

School administration had tried, without success, to find a contractor for sidewalk snow removal. Now school officials are asking the township to help with snow removal for the sidewalk in front of the school and also for the sidewalks of other nearby streets in the village that serve as student walking routes to school. 

Council asked the public works department to research the cost of getting either a new sidewalk plow or a used one in good condition. The request from the school is tabled until the August council session to give department staff time to collect information and prepare a report. 

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