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Summer treat begins with a Broue & Chew tour

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A tasty new addition to Prescott-Russell’s tourism sector begins with the launch of the Broue & Chew Road Trip project.

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) unveiled details of its latest project to help strengthen the region’s economy and promote greater interest and appreciation of local tourism activities. The Broue & Chew Road Trip program highlights the region’s food tourism attractions and local food and beverage industry.

“Our tourism businesses are an important economic development driver for Prescott and Russell,” stated UCPR Warden Stéphane Sarrazin. “With that in mind, we felt it would be a good idea to give these businesses an opportunity to share their expertise through tours featuring microbreweries, wineries, local markets, and many specialty products.”

The debut of the Broue & Chew Road Trip features two routes for both residents and visitors to the region to follow to experience and enjoy locally produced foods and beverages. The Gourmet Route circulates through the Vankleek Hill area while the Brewers Route takes food enthusiasts on a tour of Prescott-Russell’s growing micro- and craft brewing sector.

“Even through the pandemic, this is a great opportunity to meet agri-food ambassadors,” stated Carole Lavigne, UCPR director of economic development and tourism, “and to explore our rural region in an enchanting setting.”

For the debut of the Broue & Chew Road Trip project, 14 local food and beverage outfits have provided details and location information for the downloadable tour map at the Broue & Chew Road Trip website at http://en.prescott-russell.on.ca/visitors_and_leisure/broue-chew_road_trip. The map includes information and directions for the Popsilos farm art circuit.

The UCPR and the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network (EOAN) are working together on the Broue & Chew Road Trip project, with funding assistance from the provincial Rural Economic Development program.