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What happens after I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

With the COVID-19 vaccine continuing to roll out across Canada, there are many stories and myths about the vaccine and post-shot side effects. There are also conversations surrounding taking fever and pain medications after getting your shot.

If you’re able to get the vaccine or are about to, you likely have questions. Knowing how to properly prepare for your appointment can help put you at ease.

Here’s what the CDC recommends:

1. Once you’re approved to get a vaccine, talk to your healthcare provider ahead of time and ask any questions if your healthcare provider is not administering your injection directly.

2. Do not schedule any other vaccinations within two weeks of your COVID-19 vaccination. If you feel ill before your appointment, call ahead and ask if you should still come in or reschedule.

3. Get good rest the days prior to the appointment. Eat a light meal or snack and stay hydrated before your appointment. Rest and good nutrition help prepare your immune system for the vaccination.

4. Ask about side effects. While some people have no symptoms, some could experience headache, muscle or joint pain, chills, fever, and/or fatigue, which generally subside after 48 hours. Plan for several low-key days following your vaccination.

5. Plan ahead for post-vaccination care by having the essentials on hand in your medicine cabinet. “Aches and fever are common side effects of coronavirus vaccination, and can easily be treated with a pain reliever,” says Dr. Jeffrey Fudin. Over-the-counter medications like Advil (ibuprofen) can reduce pain, fever or discomfort associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, including mild aches or arm soreness.

6. Consult with your local clinic or pharmacy to schedule your first and second dose.

When it’s time to get your vaccine, these steps will help you feel more comfortable and prepared. Remember, even after vaccination, continue to take smart safety measures such as washing your hands, wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

Learn more about pain relief post-vaccine at advil.ca/coronavirus.