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le Jeudi 13 mai 2021 13:22 Autres - Others

Cybercrime is up across Canada – are you and your devices protected?

Thanks to the pandemic, more of us are online now than ever before. This increased online activity also means cybercrime is up, with Canadians collectively losing more than $60 million to phishing attacks, malware, fraud and hacked accounts since the start of the pandemic.

For those of us working remotely, staying entertained with apps and generally spending more time online, protecting our devices is critical. Yet, according to a recent survey, only 18 per cent of Canadians are using online identity theft protection tools.

Fortunately, safeguarding the tablets, phones and computers you and your family are using is easier than you think. While no one can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft, a great option is updating your online security with Telus’ new all-in-one solution that protects devices, online privacy, personal information and more.

Combining top-notch Norton device security features and LifeLock identity theft protection, it offers peace of mind while you stay connected. If your identity is compromised, an identity restoration specialist will personally handle your case and help restore your identity.

Available across Canada in affordable monthly packages, this product lets you browse and share information on the web confidently knowing your devices have protection against unsafe links, malicious downloads, virus-ridden or fraudulent websites and other cyber threats.

Other important tips to remember include using a password manager and secure VPN, as well as keeping all your devices up to date. Find more information at telus.com/onlinesecurity.