No pest wildlife feeding bylaw for AP

No pest wildlife feeding bylaw for AP

Last year council reviewed complaints from several homeowners in Lefaivre about people in their neighbourhood who provided food for various wild birds and animals. The complainants said the practice posed a safety risk for adults and children if some of the animals carried rabies, and there were also complaints of property damage to lawns and gardens from wild animals scavenging for food and also damage to houses because of large amounts of bird droppings. 

The complainants wanted council to pass a bylaw forbidding residents from feeding wild animals. Several council members wondered how difficult enforcement of such a bylaw would be and also how it might penalize residents who set up bird feeders for song birds. 

Township administration researched how other municipalities deal with the problem of wild animal pests. A report to council April 21 recommended setting up a public education program through the municipal website and social media, with links to the provincial government’s own guidelines on dealing with wildlife issues, to make residents aware of the potential problems of attracting some kinds of wild animals or birds into residential areas. 

Council members approved of the recommendation. 

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