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Who were your ancestors?

Have you ever wanted to learn more about who your ancestors were and what their lives were like? The Canadian census is the place to look. Here’s why:

Detailed information: Since its inception in 1666, the Canadian census has provided snapshots of our history. In the past, census enumerators went from door to door collecting information about each member of every household. This information about name, age, gender, employment, dwelling and even animals has been preserved in paper and ink through the centuries.

Free online access: Today, these data are available online via your computer screen. Ninety-two years after every census is conducted, the original pages are sent to Library and Archives Canada. There, they are scanned and uploaded to electronic databases on the LAC website for the public to read; no expensive subscriptions or special degrees are required.

Fill in the gaps: With this information now available, you can fill gaps in your knowledge or verify family lore. By learning where your ancestors grew up or moved to, what their professions were and how many people lived in their household, you can get a real glimpse of what life was like in your family’s history.

The 2021 Census starts on May 3. Find more information or complete your census at census.gc.ca.