Road repair needed in Lefaivre

Road repair needed in Lefaivre

Township council has asked administration to review and rework the 2021 budget to provide funding to fix a road in Lefaivre. But the decision does not agree with all members of council. 

“I think we should keep on going the way we are going,” said Councillor Ian Walker, arguing against revising the budget again. 

Councillor Walker agreed that the township needs more money to deal with all of its roadwork demands. But he also noted the challenge for the township is finding ways to finance all of those road improvement needs. 

The discussion over revising the budget resulted from an administration report on  the condition of part of Concession 2 Road in Lefaivre. About 5700 metres of the road was changed back to gravel surface condition in 2020 through pulverizing of the decayed asphalt. 

Councillor Yves Paquetted noted “several complaints” about the condition of the road since then. The administration report stated that recent grading of the road has resulted in heavy concentrations of mud along that section because of the fine silt covering left behind from the pulverized asphalt. The report also noted that farm vehicles using the road often leave deposits of dirt on the surface that contributes to the mud problem when there is snow melt or rain. 

The proposed solution calls for a new layer of gravel along the section of Concession 2 between the County Road 15 and Montée Ouellette intersections. Projected cost is $150,100. 

Council directed administration to review the budget and provide suggested options for revisions to allow financing of the emergency repair to Concession 2 Road. Council may also consider a bylaw amendment to forbid dumping of field soil on roads within the township, with penalties for any such incident. 

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