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How to shop in bulk like a chef

Did you know that prior to COVID, Canadians were eating, on average, 50 per cent of their meals outside the home? But now with the increase in home-cooking, most of us are shopping in bulk with high hopes of bringing mouth-watering meals to the table.  

However, unlike trained chefs and restaurateurs, home cooks can often feel overwhelmed once boxes of food arrive at their door. Here, Sherri Vanderleeuw, director of Sysco@Home, the new home food delivery option from the long-time leading global industry supplier for restaurants, shares some industry tricks around planning for that next meal.  

Home chefs are constantly thinking about that next meal. This planning involves identifying the specific needs of the household, including who’s eating inside and outside of the home; identifying what the family staples and favourites are; and creating the weekly meal plan, which includes recipe ideas, planning for leftovers and ready-made freezer favourites.

Once the food arrives, the real work begins — and thinking like a chef should be the goal. Planning the meals, preparing and packaging are key to this stage. Allow plenty of time to thoroughly clean, package and label the bulk food. Don’t cut corners, or you can compromise the food — an air-tight seal is critical.  

Properly label food with a name and date and safely store it. Be aware of how long foods can stay in your freezer. Consult the Canadian Food Inspection agency, or even check the directions typically included in most recipes. 

Partaking in the family meal is the best part, especially after proper planning and prep. With the hard work done, quickly accessing the prepared foods, like the chefs do, is stress free for the cook and the entire family. And finally, don’t forget leftovers are a good thing.  

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