Hockey players work out to help out

Hockey players work out to help out

For four weeks, IceDogs U11, U12, U15 teams, as well as some players from the Eastern Ontario Conbras, joined in online workouts. While the workouts were originally designed to keep the kids active and fit while away from the ice, the plan transformed into a fundraiser for the Good Deeds Cup. People could set fixed amounts or make pledges for each workout.

While the teams missed out on a finals spot in the cup, they managed to raise $1550 for the Valoris Foundation. Head coach Chet Holterman said the funds were far higher than he had expected.

 “When we hit $500 we thought, ‘wow, this is great, we’re doing really well’,” he said. “We had five people pledging 50 cents a workout, so every workout raised $2.50 right there, then some of the kids were giving flat donations or having someone sponsor them.”

Holterman said the workouts, in addition to keeping the kids active, had helped them understand the importance of community and giving back. “Hockey reaches out and asks for all kinds of donations from businesses and families, and they’re always generous and support us,” he said. “We try and convince our kids that they help us, we need to do something to help our community as well.”

The IceDogs returned to the arena on February 20 after the region returned to the orange zone after more than a month in lockdown. The teams have taken part in two to three sessions per week.

Holterman said the players may consider a similar fundraiser in future years, switching to an in-person workout routine once the pandemic ended. He said it was important to ensure the players remained part of the wider community. 

“I think it was good experience for them to give back and see how their donation is going to help their community as well,” he said. “Down the road they’re going to be our business owners and other community leaders, so we want to make sure they’re involved in their community and know what’s going on.”

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