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Self-care rituals to create a feel-good routine

We can all use more quality time for ourselves. Here are three easy self-care practices for any day of the week.

Try incorporating yoga into your daily routine. Doing something active for your mind and your body has a multitude of health and wellness benefits, from relieving stress and anxiety to increasing strength and flexibility.

Making choices to create a healthy work-life balance is another way to care for yourself and your wellbeing. Learn to set limits by saying no when work time demands are too high. Shorten your to-do list and delegate or cut any extra tasks. By setting limits and boundaries, you can improve your relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

Winding down before bed is a great time to transform your daily skin routine into a self-care ritual. “When applying a serum or moisturizer, try using a facial roller to turn this nightly routine into a relaxing massage,” says Chanel Cruz, a Shoppers beauty pro. This simple step can help ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness, and stimulate blood flow. Always roll upwards and in one direction — under the jawline, under and along the cheekbone and upwards on the forehead.

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