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One per cent tax increase limit for UCPR budget

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell stuck with a one-per-cent tax increase for the 2021 budget.

Council approved the final budget for next year for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) during its Wednesday meeting. The budget includes a one-per-cent tax increase that UCPR Finance Director Valérie Parisien told council will that the one per cent increase means a $4 increase in property tax for every $100,000 assessed value of the average residential property in the counties.

The total 2021 budget, including both operations and capital works portions, is $140,948,100. The municipal levy part of the budget, which is property tax revenue, is $48,041,800.

The UCPR finance department is waiting for the Municipal Provincial Assessment Corp. to provide details on confirmed property assessment figures and other calculations for the Prescott-Russell region. Once that information is received, the department can prepare the 2021 tax rates for all property classes within the region for council’s approval to allow preparation of the final property tax notices that are mailed out in spring.