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Council reviews community risk report

Hawkesbury council reviewed and approved the recommendations for creating and maintaining an up-to-date assessment on municipal fire prevention.

Provincial regulations require all communities to do a Community Risk Assessment report (CRA) on the state of their fire protection services, fire prevention strategy, and the overall municipal fire risk. Earlier this year Hawkesbury contracted a consultant firm to work with the municipal fire department on a CRA for the town and council reviewed the results of the report during its November 9 meeting.

One of the recommendations in the report is for improvements to the existing record-keeping of fire incidents, fire prevention work, and “rigorous documentation of all activities” related to fire protection service. The report also called on council to confirm “a strong mandate” for the fire chief concerning responsibilities for maintaining and enhancing the municipality’s fire protection service.

The report also emphasized the importance of public education on fire prevention, including preparing and practising a home escape plan, and better public awareness of the role of fire department personnel in fire prevention. That includes such department programs as smoke and carbon monoxide inspection for homes and businesses, and other fire safety services.

The report noted that adequate funding for fire protection service is critical to ensure there are enough fire fighters available to respond to calls that they have up to date and regular training for a variety of emergency situations, and they have the equipment needed to do their job.

Council voted to receive and adopt the CRA with its recommendations.