No parking zone to help firefighters, plows

No parking zone to help firefighters, plows

Parking will be banned on the east side of Twilight Avenue between Central Park Boulevard and Azure Street after Township of Russell Council recently adopted a bylaw to this effect. Russell Fire Department told council cars parked on both sides of the road had made it difficult both to enter the street and to exit emergency vehicles.

The Public Safety and Enforcement department monitored the street and found that parking was common on both sides of the road during weekends and overnight, “which could create an obstruction for larger vehicles such as fire trucks and plows”.

The department recommended that the bylaw be passed in time to match the winter parking regulation on November 1, which would give residents time to find alternative parking. It also recommended that parking also be banned on the south side of Central Park Boulevard between North Russell Road and Azure Street to discourage drivers from moving their cars to that street instead.

When asked about the provision of parking to townhouses or houses with extra apartments on the street, Public Safety and Enforcement Director Millie Bourdeau told council that on-street parking would become an issue in winter whether or not the new signs were installed.

“Winter’s coming around the corner and there’s no parking on the street in the winter,” she said. “Some people may need to get a shed or clean their garages unfortunately, but they can still park on one side of the street with this bylaw.”

The move is expected to cost $840 for 12 signs plus installation and labour.

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