Police change criminal record check system

Police change criminal record check system

The OPP stopped accepting online applications on Friday afternoon. High demand for background checks had pushed the processing time out to between four and six weeks.

From Monday, October 5, anyone who had not already submitted a request online was required to book an appointment with their local detachment. In a statement, the OPP said this detachment system would be in place temporarily until “an enhanced online central intake and payment model” was set up.

In a statement, the OPP said only the exact cost of the check-in cash would be accepted. A criminal record check for employment purposes is $41 and checks for volunteer purposes are free. Duplicate copies cost $11, while an additional $90 was required for fingerprints.

“The OPP understands the change in process may cause inconvenience. However, it is confident that new measures taken to improve processing times will lead to shorter wait times for the public,” the statement said.

“Third party vendors may be able to offer a reduced timeline. Please speak to your employer/agency to ascertain if this option would be acceptable, noting there is a cost for this service.”

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