Council proposes tourism committee

Council proposes tourism committee

The September 28 regular teleconference session of Hawkesbury council was cancelled because of technical problems that prevented members of council and the general public from taking part. A new date and time for the meeting will be announced once municipal staff resolve the technical issue.

Cancellation of the meeting has also delayed approval of one resolution on the council agenda to start the process for creating a tourism advisory committee for council. Councillor Antonios Tsourounakis presented council with a motion during its September 14 session for creation of the new advisory committee.

The councillor noted the growing value of tourism for the local economy. The resolution in the September 28 agenda package also highlighted the role that tourism plays now in the local economy and its future importance to Hawkesbury in countering the current closures of some businesses, like Goulet Motosports, in the town’s downtown core area.

The proposal calls for a nine-member committee to provide council with advice and recommendations on tourism development for the municipality. The nine members would include one representative for council, a member of administration, the executive director for Tourisme Prescott-Russell Tourism, an official for Le centre culturel Le Chenail cultural centre, the United Counties of Prescott-Russell’s economic development and tourism director, and three individuals from the community with background experience in tourism-related businesses, recreation, culture or other venues.

The tourism advisory committee issue will return to the council table when the replacement date is confirmed for the cancelled September 28 session.

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