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Beware of rabid bats

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit has issued a warning about rabid bats.

The regional health unit received reports of two captured bats that tested positive for rabies infection. There are no reports of any humans infected with rabies but residents are urged to be careful when dealing with any wild animal and also to make sure their own pets have the anti-rabies vaccinations updated.

Rabies is transmitted through the saliva from a bite. The tainted saliva can also infect a person or animal if it gets into a scratch or open wound or through the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose or eyes.

All dogs and cats three months or older must have anti-rabies vaccination. That includes indoor pets who eould encounter a bat inside their homes.

Residents should check their homes for any potential entry points for bats. If a bat is found, do not touch it or attempt to catch it. Call animal control to remove it.

Anyone bitten by a bat or other wild animal that may have rabies should call their doctor to arrange for treatment. Also report all animal bites to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit at 1-800-267-7120.