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le Mercredi 15 juillet 2020 16:04 Autres - Others

Stop the tyranny!

There hasn’t been a single infection in Eastern Ontario since June 30th, let alone someone dying of COVID-19! But the Eastern Ontario Health Unit - Dr. Roumeliotis, (the same doctor who closed the churches in Eastern Ontario, all the while naming abortion clinics, LCBOs, Beer Stores and Pot Shops as essential), leads the pack of those imposing quarantines and restrictions on healthy people. There was//is nothing scientific about that. In a nutshell: no to praying in churches, yes to depravation. This doctor is a pediatrician, not a virologist, but who wants to know?

Not so oddly, the large majority of public servants, teachers and politicians who can stay home and collect their paychecks support this endless quarantine. Moreover, they will use the Internet to moralize those who object to it. Yet if these individuals had the moral high ground they pretend to have, they would give up their paychecks to those losing their businesses, jobs or homes because of the government’s abuse of power. Clearly, this will never happen because all those people are opportunists… at our expense!

People are suffering economic hardships with bankruptcies, divorces, child poverty and some will end up suicidal. It’s been reported that there is a substantial increase in sales of drugs and alcohol, which means people losing their jobs are falling into unhealthy additions… Where are Dr. Roumeliotis’ studies to consider the downside of his abuse of power? During Jesus’s time, lepra was a plague but at no time did the world quarantine the healthy people.

In short, isn’t there a better way to stay healthy but to inhale oxygen, as opposed to wearing a mask and inhale your own carbon dioxide?

Real professionals (not dictators) provide advice to patients and we decide what’s best for ourselves. If someone is at risk, be my guess and take all the precautions you want. This is called “live and let live”! Meanwhile, kids need their parks and pools, they need their friends and summer camps//activities, and they want happy parents smiling to them without a mask!

Stop the tyranny!

Stéphane J. Lalonde