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Town may cancel in-person tax payments

Hawkesbury town council — archives
Hawkesbury town council
Hawkesbury council is debating whether or not property owners need to come to the municipal office to pay their taxes.

Council members discussed all the possible ways people could pay their property taxes during a recent committee of the whole session.

Right now homeowners and business owners can go to the municipal office in person and pay their property tax bill, and also water and sewer bills or other user fees, at the front counter. The problem with that, some council members noted, is front-line office staff sometimes end up on the receiving end of complaints.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation prompted Hawkesbury and other municipalities to adjust their property tax and user fee payments schedules to ease the surprise financial burden for some homeowners and business operators. The question now is whether or not to continue with the front-office payment method.

Residents can also pay their property taxes by cheque through the mail. Hawkesbury administration could look at setting up an online payment method for property taxes, sewer and water bills, and other user fees, and phasing out the front-counter payment method.

Council will review the idea further during its June 29 session.