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UCPR shares out million dollars in aid funds

The first wave of local funding aid went out to help the most vulnerable residents of Prescott-Russell.

The United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) announced more than $1 million in social aid funding to support local non-profit groups that provide help for residents in need in the two counties.

“In partnership with United Way East Ontario,” stated Sylvie Millette, UCPR social services director, “the UCPR social services department consulted with various agencies to target those supporting the most vulnerable people in our communities. This Social Needs Table, composed of several community organizations, met virtually to disseminate this information.”

The UCPR will share $1,071,137 received from the provincial Social Services Relief Fund among La Maison Interlude, Prescott-Russell Community Services, Prescott-Russell Victim Services, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Valoris for Children and Adults Prescott-Russell, several food banks, various non-profit housing corporations, and several charitable agencies that provide food security assistance.

“The COVID-19 crisis has required a new approach to delivering our services, particularly for our most vulnerable residents,” stated Warden Pierre Lemieux, “and this allocation from the province has been vital to support the critical work of our social services staff and our community partners in responding to the needs of at-risk community members.”

Funding distribution, by category, will be: $214,917 for emergency shelter solutions for residents in crisis situations and who need to self-isolate to prevent COVID-19 contagion; $360,000 for community non-profit housing, residential services homes, and transitional housing with supports; $459,000 for services and supports, including protective equipment, food and supplies by food banks or similar agencies, transportation cost aid, community outreach to support seniors in self-isolation, and other needs; creation of a reserve fund for homelessness prevention through a “rent bank” and emergency energy funds.

UCPR social services department has also set aside temporary accommodation spaces to assist people affected by COVID-19 who need to self-isolate.