Simple, healthy ways to improve your home’s smell

Simple, healthy ways to improve your home’s smell

If a space smells fresh, that’s a great sign. If the smell is bad, it can feel as though the home is unclean. While everyone wants to achieve a clean and fresh aroma, it can be overwhelming to choose products that are effective against unpleasant odours while still safe to use in the air.

To create a sweet-smelling home without compromising air quality, check out these tips:

Open the window. It’s the easiest way to bring freshness in, especially if you have leftover cooking or other lingering odours from home improvement projects such as painting. It’s also the most popular method, with 71 per cent of Canadians reporting they first try opening a window to eliminate malodours.

Check and replace filters. Spring is the perfect time to change your HVAC filter to make sure your A/C unit is ready for the warmer weather. Odour-causing contaminants are often concentrated in your system’s air filter. By simply changing or cleaning it, you’re allowing cleaner and fresher air to be circulated throughout your home.

Spray out the smell. Almost two-thirds of those who experience malodours use air fresheners to help get rid of them. These products are an effective and fast way to beat bad aromas and introduce your favourite fragrances into your home. Consider using a trusted odour-eliminator like Febreze Air Effects – it’s a water-based formula that doesn’t contain any dyes and uses a 100 per cent natural propellant to freshen a room, rather than cover up smells.

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