School district launches home learning survey

School district launches home learning survey

The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) is fast-tracking plans for a home-learning program for its students. The UCDSB has set up a survey to get information from parents on what kind of Internet access they have that would allow their children to take advantage of online learning.

“As much of this learning is like to involve technology,” stated April Scott-Clarke, UCDSB communications manager, in an email, “we are reaching out to families to determine what their technology needs may be, if any.”

The UCDSB has an online survey for parents with a list of questions to answer to help determine the level of Internet access they have, how many computers or other types of electronic devices are available at home that their children could use for online learning.

Parents who cannot take part in the online survey can phone, toll-free, 1-888-593-5556 and leave a call-back message so UCDSB staff can phone them about their specific online learning needs. Parents who do believe their Internet setup is sufficient to allow their children to take part in online learning courses do not need to fill out the survey but can do so at a later date if their situation changes.

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