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Super speed racer shut down

A driver in a
A driver in a "muscle car” blew out a tire Saturday night while racing along Highwy 417 at 271 kilometres an hour. Police collected both the car and driver after his Saturday night run was over. The car went into the police impound yard and the driver lost his licence for seven days and has a future court appointment on a speed racing charge.
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A would-be speed demon ended up bringing his own Saturday night speed run to a sudden stop when he blew a tire.

OPP officers on patrol on Highway 417 east of Hawkesbury clocked a car going 271 kilometres an hour on the road just a half hour after midnight Saturday on the April 18 weekend. The posted limit is 110kph. The would-be speed racer’s run came to a sudden stop.

“Rear tire blew seconds later,” tweeted the arresting officer.

The car, a Dodge Challenger boasting 707 hp, is now in police impound. The driver had his licence suspended on site for seven days.

The driver was also charged under the Highway Traffic Act with driving at excessive speed, also known as “speed racing”, and also with careless driving, and with driving while having cannabis available for use.