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Less risk of spring floods this year

Spring rains this year may not mean a repeat of last year’s spring flooding problems along the Ottawa River in the Prescott-Russell region.

“Water levels are expected to be similar or slightly above the peak levels reached in May 2018,” stated the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) on its website.

Crue de la rivière des Outaouais: la CNS lance une alerte orange

Both the Ottawa River Regulating Committee (ORRC) and the SNC report that water levels for the Ottawa River and its tributaries this spring are at about the same level as in 2018. There were no spring flooding problems for that year.

Severe spring flooding along the Ottawa River occurred in 2017 and 2019, when both weather and soil conditions combined to create severe high-water conditions in the rivers. The ORRC’s  April 12 flood status report on its website noted that the spring thaw began early this year and now just the central and northern parts of the Ottawa River basin area still have any leftover winter snow still draining into the river. Along with the Easter Monday rainfall, the river level will rise but is expected to level off again by the April 17 weekend with “minor flooding” of low-lying areas which always see high water during the spring.

Homeowners in shoreline neighbourhoods along the Ottawa River are advised to keep a watch in their areas and contact their local municipality if they have any concerns about possible flooding problems. That includes the area east of the Village of Cumberland, the Voisine Street, Pago Road, and other Clarence-Rockland neighbourhoods along the Ottawa River, the Presqu’ile and Miller Island and Presqu’ile Road areas in Alfred-Plantagenet Township, and the Montpetit Street and Dufour Street neighbourhoods in Champlain Township.

Residents in those areas are advised to take precautions. That includes making sure sump pumps are in working order, a portable backup generator and pump are available, and removing any valuables from basements or lower floors which were flooded last year.