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City closes Rockland dog park

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Dog owners in Clarence-Rockland will have to find another place for their pets to frolic.

The off-leash dog park on Montée Poupart in Rockland is closed for the duration as of march 31. The City of Clarence-Rockland is following the latest provincial government degree in Ontario’s containment strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday (March 31), Premier Doug Ford announced that all outdoor recreational sites and facilities in the province are now closed to prevent groups of people from gathering and increasing the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The closure includes all playgrounds, sports fields, picnic sites, and other recreational areas such as off-leash dog parks.

Residents, including dog owners, may still be able to go walking in green spaces as long as people keep a two-metre distance between each other.

Clarence-Rockland city hall will also remain closed to the public until April 29. This follows a federal government declaration of a 30-day extension of the physical distancing guideline in Canada’s pandemic prevention plan.

Municipal staff will continue to work from home, when possible, or else at their city hall offices and deal with residents’ needs and queries.