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le Lundi 23 mars 2020 18:03 Autres - Others

Spring household hazardous waste collection day cancelled

COVID-19 concerns have cancelled the annual Spring Hazardous Household Wastes Collection Day event in Hawkesbury.

The joint program serves the Town of
Hawkesbury, Champlain Township, and East Hawkesbury Township, with collection
dates scheduled for the spring and autumn. Homeowners are able to bring in
their cans of old paint, solvents, used motor oil, aerosol cans, old household
batteries, and other items classed as household hazardous waste to a designated
drop-off site for collection and eventual safe disposal.

The purpose of the program is to reduce the chance of these items ending up in the municipal landfill, which serves the three municipalities., and risk toxic chemicals leaching out of the items and into the water table.

This year’s spring collection day was scheduled for May 2. That date is now cancelled as part of the community action plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection during the current pandemic. The autumn event for October 3 is still on schedule.

Householders are urged to continue storing their household hazardous waste items for the October collection event and to not dump them either in the woods or other sites. Also do not pour used oil, solvents or other chemical liquids or powders into drainage ditches or storm drains as they will empty into the Ottawa River or other streams.