Actualités en bref | News briefs

Actualités en bref | News briefs

COVID-19 enforcement in Russell Township

Russell Township bylaw officers will now help the OPP with enforcing the provincial government’s pandemic protection plan under the provincial health emergency act. The bylaw department will monitor and check out calls about gatherings of five people or more, deal with people found in public parks or outdoor recreation areas that are closed by provincial order, nonessential businesses that are still open to the public, or restaurants that still allow dine-in service. – Gregg Chamberlain

Fire restrictions

The provincial government has declared restrictions on open fires in most parts of Ontario to ensure that emergency personnel are available to deal with critical need situations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The open fire restriction means no campfires or any non-essential fires used for brush clearing or other purposes. At present the restriction did not apply to Prescott-Russell but residents are advised to check their municipal websites for any local open fire restrictions.– Gregg Chamberlain

Burn ban in Champlain Township…

No open fires are allowed in Champlain Township until further notice. Small campfires for backyard cookouts and fires which are in secure containers, also known as «burn barrels», are allowed but require strict supervision. The open fire ban is part of the municipality’s pandemic plan to keep emergency service personnel available for essential duty.– Gregg Chamberlain

… and in Alfred-Plantagenet

Alfred-Plantagenet Township has suspended approval of new burn permits for the duration of the pandemic situation. Residents who want to have a campfire for backyard barbecue purposes are still allowed but only dry wood fuel is allowed and the campfire must not be larger than one cubic metre, including the height of the flames. Open fires for spring yard work cleanup are not allowed. – Gregg Chamberlain

Frais de drainage

Le canton de Champlain a approuvé récemment un règlement sur les frais d’entretien de huit drains municipaux dans la municipalité. Le total combiné des frais est de 4551,62$. Les frais s’appliquent uniquement aux propriétés situées le long de chaque drain respectif et seront répartis entre les propriétaires de ces propriétés. Les frais sont destinés à couvrir les coûts d’entretien des drains, y compris l’enlèvement des barrages de castors qui bloquent le débit des eaux de drainage. – Gregg Chamberlain

Plan stratégique

Le conseil du canton de Champlain a récemment approuvé une recommandation de son comité plénier pour que le personnel municipal prépare une offre d’emploi pour un consultant, afin d’aider à créer un plan stratégique pour le canton. Le budget 2020 prévoit une allocation de 30 000$ pour couvrir les coûts. Un plan stratégique aidera la municipalité à planifier à long terme ses priorités en matière de développement économique, d’infrastructure, de loisirs, de services d’urgence et d’autres préoccupations. – Gregg Chamberlain

Leash law in Alfred-Plantagenet

Alfred-Plantagenet Township has a new “leash law” amendment to its animal control regulations. Township council approved changes to Animal Control Bylaw 2007-84 during its March 3 session. The amendments include a definition for a dog “running at large” and situations where a dog owner must make sure the animal is on a leash. The amended bylaw also includes a “poop scoop” regulation requiring dog owners to collect and take away dog feces dropped on sidewalks, in public parks, and other areas, including the dog’s own home yard.– Gregg Chamberlain

L’Orignal marina work

Champlain Township council approved a recommendation from the parks and recreation department, for an agreement with the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) for improvement work to the L’Orignal Marina. The DFO will fund installation of a new guide rail on the east side of the marina causeway, and also fund an extension of the west side guide rail. The township will act as contractor for the work. – Gregg Chamberlain

New firefighters

The Clarence-Rockland Fire Department recently hire nine new recruits. Council confirmed hiring Jean-Robert Cousineau, Jean-Yves Gaudreau, Jérémy O’Grady Martel, Jacob Chénier Lamadeleine, Eric Leclair, Nicolas Lanthier, Jonathan Mitchell, Sébastien Bercier, and Maxime Leblanc as volunteer firefighters effective March 2 for their one-year probationary period following mandatory training.– Gregg Chamberlain

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