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Castors tied up with Royals

The latest snowstorm for the region cancelled one of the two weekend games on the Vankleek Hill Cougars’ schedule.

“It’s been a bit rough for us this season,” said General Manager Marc Bernique. “We’ve had to reschedule a lot of our games because of the weather.”

Saturday night’s home game, in the Cougars Den, against the Clarence Creek Castors, is postponed to later in the season because of the weather. That left just the Sunday afternoon home game against the North Dundas Rockets, which saw the Cougars tear apart the Rockets for an 8-3 win.

Vincent Huneault was one of the star players on the Cougars’ bench Sunday with a hat trick and an assist on one of the other goals. Also scoring for Vankleek Hill were Trystan Lavoie with a pair of goals while Samuel Lemay, Austin Gaspar Nikolas Ayotte each scored singles.

Next month sees the final weeks of play in the regular schedule for the Cougars, in the National Capital Junior Hockey League (NCJHL). Bernique expects the club should do well as the team approaches the playoffs period.

“I think we’ve got a pretty solid group,” he said. “We like our team, and we’ve had great fan support.”

The Cougars face the Castors at home Wednesday evening, in a match rescheduled from January 11 because of bad weather. Vankleek Hill and Gatineau are at the Vankleek Hill Arena Saturday night, February 1.


Saint-Isidore beat Gatineau 5-4 in a Sunday night home game. No game details were available at press time. Saint-Isidore faces Clarence Creek Sunday afternoon, February 2, at the Clarence Creek Arena.

Clarence Creek

Foul weather cancelled the Clarence Creek Castors’ Saturday game in Vankleek Hill against the Cougars. The game will take place later in the season.

Meanwhile Sunday afternoon’s game, over the January 26 weekend, finished in a three-all tie against the Bytown Royals. The Royals scored all three of their goals in the first period while the Castors slipped in goal after goal in all three periods of the game. Scoring for Clarence Creek were Jordan Croll-Stevenson, Nicholas Gaumond, and Jacob Servant.

The Castors enjoyed a little reflected glory from the 2020 Winter Youth U16 Olympics. Cédrick Guindon of Clarence-Rockland was part of the bronze medal-winning Team Canada. His brother, Nikolas Guindon, is an affiliate member of the Castors roster.

The Castors are in Vankleek Hill, January 29 evening, to play a match that was scheduled for January 11 but had to be postponed because of the weather. The Castors host Saint-Isidore Sunday afternoon, February 2.