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Funding plan approved for municipal drain upgrade

A funding plan is approved for necessary improvements to a municipal drain in Alfred-Plantagenet Township, though some landowners living along the drain path question why they have to share the cost.

Alfred-Plantagenet Township Council approved a bylaw, during its January 14 session, authorizing needed improvement work on the Michel Viau municipal drain, located in the area between County Roads 26 and 19. The last upgrade of the drain was in 1981 and there is urgent need to redo part of the section from where the drain empties into the South Nation River, near Plantagenet.

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UPCR) is providing $125,000 for culvert work on the part of the drain located below County Road 26. The remaining estimated $119,000 cost for the improvement work will be shared among the landholders with property along the drainage course. Some landholders may be eligible for a share of a $20,000 grant, to reduce their share of the municipal drain improvement cost.

During a special session of council January 9, several landholders questioned the cost of the project and how it would be shared among them. Other questions raised during the January 9 meeting included whether the improvement work would affect any of the surface wells located along the drain route. Civil engineers Lorne Franklin and Andy Robinson of Robinson Consultants said no surface wells would be affected.