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Students explore careers using virtual reality

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Students at English Catholic schools in Eastern Ontario can now use virtual reality to help them determine their future career choices.

The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario (CDSBEO) added virtual reality technology to its teaching support resources for students. The CareerLabs VR program will allow students, in the CDSBEO’s Grade 10 Careers program, to explore the possibilities of some skilled trades for their future career options.

“As educators, one of our duties is to provide opportunities for students to discover what careers are out there and what careers would be right for them,” stated Liz McCormick, CDSBEO experiential learning consultant. “Virtual reality simulations of job sites are a fund and engaging way to explore opportunities.”

The CareerLabs VR system provides virtual reality simulations of work in the fields of heavy equipment operator, robotics technician, mining, welding, electrical, and HVAC maintenance, repair and installation.

“Our board continues to ensure that all students reach their full potential by offering and supporting all types of learning opportunities,” stated Natalie Cameron, CDSBEO school effectiveness superintendent. “By focusing on career pathways through virtual technology, we are providing our students with the opportunity to better understand and explore their talents, their interests, and their passions, within a very realistic setting. We are preparing our students for the 21st Century by using 21st-century technology.”