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Temporary hold on development charges review

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Mayor Paula Assaly has asked for a temporary hold on a review of the fees charged for new developments in the municipality, so that council and staff can determine how any changes could affect the town’s ability to attract new investment.

“I would prefer having some time to read (through) the presentation,” said Mayor Assaly, during the November 25 session of Hawkesbury council.

Assaly and the rest of council agreed to receive a 15-page report from Watson & Associates Economists Ltd., which contains the consultant firm’s draft findings on the current schedule of development charges the town levies on new residential, commercial, and industrial developments in the community, and what potential changes to the fee schedule could be done. The report also projects the potential revenue benefit to the municipality from future growth based on changes to its development charges schedule.

The last point prompted a comment from the mayor that council needs to consider “the impact with neighbouring municipalities” from any changes to the town’s present development charges schedule.

“Especially, as we are juggling many matters at the same time,” Assaly said, citing the 2020 budget plan and other issues for council.

Council accepted and approved the mayor’s suggestion to receive the consultant presentation report for now and bring it back to the December 16 session for more detailed review and discussion. Council also agreed to a temporary delay on starting the public review process on changes to the present development charges schedule until council and staff have had time to determine how provincial government plans for revisions to its development charges guidelines for municipalities might affect Hawkesbury, and also how changes to local charges could affect the town’s ability to attract new development projects.