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le Jeudi 12 décembre 2019 16:42 Autres - Others

City needs a new snow dump

The City of Clarence-Rockland needs a new snow dump that meets provincial standards.

City council approved a resolution, during its December 2 session, to hire a consultant to review and develop a plan for a new, permanent snow dump site for the municipality. The 2020 budget includes an allocation of $1,271,000 for the cost of the project.

City staff identified the need for a permanent snow dump site as “an urgent priority” for the city, to meet provincial environmental standards. Clarence-Rockland has two snow storage sites right now, but both were intended as temporary sites.

The site located in the Rockland industrial park is almost at the end of its useful life and cannot be expanded as the City wants the space available for sale to potential industrial or commercial clients. The Environment Ministry has ordered the Bourget site closed because of concerns about possible contamination to neighbouring properties from meltwater tainted with exhaust fumes chemicals, road salt, deicer or other substances.

The City will centralize its snow removal dumping sites at one location, under management of a consultant who will also develop a plan for a new permanent site, which meets ministry standards.