Faits divers en bref | Incidents in brief

Faits divers en bref | Incidents in brief

Accusations d’agression

Un homme de 38 ans de Rockland fait face à des accusations d’agression et de menaces, à la suite d’une enquête policière sur un incident survenu le 21 novembre, en après-midi, dans une entreprise locale de la rue Richelieu à Rockland. Le dossier d’incident de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario indique que deux adultes ont été impliqués dans une altercation. L’accusé doit comparaître en cour provinciale, à L’Orignal, le 18 décembre. – Gregg Chamberlain

Assault at school

A 17-year-old Wendover youth is charged with assault, following police investigation on a noon-hour incident, November 18, at a school in Rockland. The OPP incident brief noted that there was “an altercation” between two students at the school. The accused student, whose name is withheld under the terms of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is scheduled to appear in provincial court, in L’Orignal, at a later unspecified date. – Gregg Chamberlain

SIN fraud

Police warn of a telephone fraud in the Eastern Ontario region involving social insurance numbers. A caller, claiming to represent a federal government department or other agency, phones people and tries to get them to verify their SIN card number, either by saying the number to confirm they are registered, or giving the first six digits of a SIN card number, and asking the victim to provide the final three digits to confirm whether or not it is their own. Do not give out this information and report such calls to the police. – Gregg Chamberlain

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