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Tupper Street house fire call

  photo Bertrand Castonguay
photo Bertrand Castonguay
A house fire on Tupper Street claimed the lives of some family pets.

Hawkesbury firefighters answered a late-afternoon call November 8 to a house fire situation at 450 Tupper Street. The semi-detached dwelling was smoking and burning when firefighters arrived but they were able to get the situation under control and the fire extinguished within a few hours.

Fire Chief Daniel Gascon reported that no one was in the house when the fire was reported. The owner of the dwelling arrived home a short time before firefighters arrived on the scene. According to Chief Gascon the man was able to rescue his dog and one cat before the heavy smoke drove him out of the dwelling and prevented him from going back inside. All other pets still inside are presumed dead.

The fire is classed as accidental and the fire department is still reviewing the site to determine how it started. Chief Gascon reported that the fire’s origin point was in the living room area.

A neighbouring semi-detached dwelling at 452 Tupper suffered some smoke damage from the fire. Gascon said an insurance investigator is reviewing the situation to determine the value of the smoke damage to the other building.