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High winds push poles out of place

  -photo Gregg Chamberlain
-photo Gregg Chamberlain
The Friday morning wind storm has pushed several power poles out of place along County Road 17 near the western end of the Hawkesbury Creek Bridge.

None of the poles have fallen over (see photo) but the Hawkesbury Fire Department has set up traffic control points on either side of that section of road and are making sure drivers slow down and keep moving as they pass along the route until hydro crews can get to the site to deal with the situation.

High winds continue to buffet the Prescott-Russell region and other parts of Eastern Ontario. Motorists may encounter situations where intersection traffic lights are not working and are urged to use caution when approaching and going through those intersection.

Hydro crews are dealing with numerous power outage situations scattered throughout the region.

Residents in neighbourhoods affected by the outages can call the toll-free emergency number at 1-800-434-1235 for updates on when power may be restored or to report any power outage problems.