Fire Bans For The Nation, Russell And C-R As Brush Fire Kicks Of The Season

By Gabrielle Vinette
Fire Bans For The Nation, Russell And C-R As Brush Fire Kicks Of The Season
The Nation and Russell installed a fire ban prohibiting backyard campfires and includes property owners who have valid fire permits but can’t predict when the ban will be lifted. (Photo : The Nation Fire Department, Facebook)

The Nation, Russell and Clarence-Rockland have all instituted fire bans for the beginning of April, marking the start of what could be a very dry spring and summer after a 30-acre brush and forest fire tears through The Nation. 

Due to dry weather conditions as well as little precipitation expected in the immediate future, The Nation and Clarence-Rockland put their ban in place on March 31, followed soon after by Russell on April 1. 

Until further notice, all open-air fires are prohibited which include backyard campfires and even property owners who have valid fire permits. 

Depending on the municipality, natural gas or propane appliances, certified barbecues, and propane outdoor fireplaces with a gas shut-off are still allowed.

Brush fire kicks off-season 

Since the ban, a brush fire spanning over 30 acres in the north of St-Bernardin involved the three fire services, and forced the Casselman fire service to respond to a fire in The Nation while that municipality’s fire fighters were dealing with the brush fire. 

Two weathered sheds and two tractors were lost in the flames. 

A civilian received minor burns trying to extinguish the flames before firefighters arrived. The person was transported to the hospital. 

Firefighters don’t know how the fire started. 

Mario Villeneuve Fire Chief of the Clarence-Rockland, Casselman, and The Nation says the ban will stay until the vegetation turns green which means it contains enough moisture to prevent possible fires. 

“Right now, there’s still a lot of greenery that’s dry on the ground. I know it’s going to rain or snow later this week, so we’ll be reassessing on a regular basis for when we lift the ban. But at the moment it’s impossible to say,” said Villeneuve. 

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