The Nation, Russell And C-R Fire Ban Lifted After Spring Snowstorm

By Gabrielle Vinette
The Nation, Russell And C-R Fire Ban Lifted After Spring Snowstorm
Fire Ban lifted after only three days for The Nation, Russell and Clarence-Rockland regions. Russell Fire Chief is happy for the rain and snow in hopes it will bring green grass to the regions. (Photo : The Nation Fire Department, Facebook)

Only three days after the initial Fire Ban was put into effect, it has been lifted following a snowstorm that brought in nearly 20 centimetres of snow and 15 millimetres of rain. 

On April 4, from 8:30 a.m. and onward, Russell municipality lifted the Fire Ban. 

“It’s a great thing when we get moisture,” said Brian McBain, Fire Chief for the Russell township. “So definitely with the rain and snow, it helped with the surface that was so dry. That’s why we had lifted the ban.” 

“Hopefully, we’ll have some green grass soon,” he added. 

Fire permits are required for all other open-air fires, including farm and rural open-air fires but not for recreational and cooking fires. 

Residents may apply for one by contacting the Public Safety & Enforcement Department at 613-443-3066 or by email at They are open Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

Applications for fire permits must be submitted 24 hours prior to open air burning and cost $30 each. 

As well, both The Nation and Clarence-Rockland Fire Departments have lifted the Fire Bans the same day. 

First Fire Since Fire Ban Lift 

On April 8, The Nation Fire Department responded to a grass/bush fire on the 10th Concession between Pioneer Way and Foreman Road. 

On their Facebook page, the department reminds people that although the ground may be wet from the rain and snow, the top brush and grass is still dry. 

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