Three new historical plaques in Russell

Par Christopher Smith
Three new historical plaques in Russell
The Embrun Train station connected communities and served as a transportation hub in the 1800s. (Photo : Christopher Smith)

Russell Township has unveiled three new historical plaques that have been added to the collection.  

A total of sixteen historical plaques can be found across the Township, each one exploring the rich and storied history of the region. The three new plaques are located at the Saint-Jacques Bridge, the Embrun Train Station, and the Russell Weir. 

The Saint-Jacques Bridge is a historic landmark that has connected communities for generations, with countless stories unfolding on its sturdy structure. The Embrun Train Station is a reminder of the Township’s railway heritage as a hub of transportation and commerce in bygone eras. Finally, the Russell Weir has a huge impact on water management in the Township, ensuring water levels stay consistent year-round. 

Visitors and residents alike can visit all sixteen plaques scattered across the Township, reading about stories and events that have affected the community. By revisiting the past, we ensure it’s never forgotten.

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