Connie Johnston Receives Community Builder Award

Par Gabrielle Vinette
Connie Johnston Receives Community Builder Award
Connie Johnston, a 72-year-old Russell resident, was presented with the Community Builder Award for her dedication to the community. It was presented to her during the last Council meeting on March 11. (Photo : Russell Township, website)

Connie Johnston, 72, was awarded Russell Township’s Community Builder Award for nearly two decades of Trivia Night fundraisers. 

“I’m quite excited to get it,” said Johnston. “I feel that there’s a lot of other people who would be deserving as well, but I’m only human. So, I do appreciate it whenever people thank me for the work that I do in the community.” 

For almost 20 years, Johnston has raised funds for resident groups and causes serving the community with the municipality’s famed Trivia Nights, raising nearly $1.5 million over the years. 

“It’s so successful, that we can’t sell tickets in advance,” said Johnston.  

On top of Trivia Night, Johnsotn is a member of the board of directors for the Russell Historical Society, a charter member of the Kin Club of Russell, and helped with projects such as the Fort Mack We’ve Got Your Back, Jonathan Pitre Butterfly Mile and more. 

Johnston is also dedicated to preserving Russell’s history – she is currently writing a book on the townships history 

«I always thought that it was such a shame whenever people’s stories would go with them when they passed away,” said Johnston.  

With the help of the community and her position on the board of the Russell Historical Society, she was able to access files from the museum dating back to the 1800s.  

Johnston, alongside her co-author Jennifer Pershick, will be publishing the book in spring 2024. 

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