Halloween Safety Tips

Par Christopher Smith
Halloween Safety Tips

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) reminds parents that although Halloween is exciting, they should always keep an eye out to keep themselves and their kids safe. The OPP recommends carrying a flashlight to light the way and choosing a brightly coloured costume to increase visibility to drivers. Use makeup instead of masks when possible, as masks can reduce visibility, and avoid baggy or oversized costumes that kids can trip over.

Kids should walk, not run, and remember to look both ways when crossing the street. They should go up one side of the street and then the other instead of crossing back and forth, and if trick-or-treating with friends, parents should be informed of the route they plan to take. They should stay in familiar neighbourhoods and only visit well-lit houses that are decorated for Halloween.

The OPP tells kids they should never go inside a house to get candy, and that parents should always check the treats before they eat them. The OPP also reminds motorists to be extremely careful all throughout the day, not just at night.

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