Budget planning begins for Hawkesbury

by Gregg Chamberlain - EAP
Budget planning begins for Hawkesbury
Hawkesbury council and staff begin work on the 2024 budget this month. The goal is to have the final budget approved by mid-December. (Photo : file)

Members of Hawkesbury council and municipal administration will be busy with getting the 2024 budget approved before the end of the year.

Treasurer Philippe Timbers presented council October 10 with the schedule for review and discussions on the proposed 2024 municipal budget.

Reports from all municipal departments on their operation and capital planning needs proposed for next year have been submitted to the finance department. A meeting between all department directors to talk about major budget items is scheduled for October 17.

Finance department staff will do a detailed review of all the department reports, and meet as needed with any directors concerning specific items. The review should be done by the end of October.

Council will have its first look at the proposed 2024 budget during a two-day mid-November special session. Both the proposed operations budget and the capital budget will be discussed, and finance staff will then take those comments to do a second draft of the budget to present to council November 27.

If no further changes are demanded during the November 27 review session, the final budget will go before council for approval December 11.

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