The Nation recognizes Sports Complex donors

by Christopher Smith - EAP
The Nation recognizes Sports Complex donors
The attendees were touched by the reveal of the recognition wall, a permanent fixture in the new Sports Complex in Limoges that will immortalize the contributions made towards its construction. (Photo : Christopher Smith)

A dedication ceremony was held in the newly constructed The Nation Sports Complex to honour the various organizations and groups that donated time, money, and even vacant property to see the project through.

The municipality’s new Sports Complex has been finished for almost an entire year, and on September 14, The Nation hosted a heartfelt recognition event to honour the exceptional donors who contributed to the million-dollar fundraising campaign that made it possible. The event was attended by distinguished guests, community leaders, and representatives from the biggest donors.

«Together, we have achieved something truly remarkable: a million-dollar fundraising campaign that has not only met but exceeded our expectations,” said Mayor Francis Brière. “This project stands as a testament to our collective need for a space that fosters physical well-being, community engagement, and endless possibilities. The new sports equipment, furniture, and resources that will be made available to our citizens through this campaign will enable us to nurture talent, promote active living, and provide opportunities for personal growth and development for years to come.»

Mayor Brière extended a personal thank-you to the largest contributors to the fundraising initiative: to FedDev Ontario which gave $750,000, to GFL which gave a combined $250,000, and to Desjardins which gave $150,000. He also thanked a variety of local businesses and groups that also contributed, including the Limoges Citizens Committee, the Limoges Recreation Committee, the IDEA Architects, and Robert Excavating Inc. Finally, he extended a thank-you to the CDSCEO, whose contribution of the vacant property the complex was built upon represents a partnership grounded in a shared commitment to the betterment of the municipality.

“We are very proud to contribute and to help make possible this great, modern facility, and we are convinced that this building will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the community,” said Prashant Vats, spokesperson for GFL. “In closing. I’d like to congratulate all those who were involved in the development of this project, and I am convinced this facility will be a great success and will be appreciated by the citizens of the Nation.”

“It is amazing what we have achieved: an adaptable, accessible multipurpose sports complex that serves the community in so many ways,” said Francin Côté, representative for Desjardins, “to promote active living, and provide opportunities for personal growth and development for years to come. Driven by the needs of the people in the region and the desire to promote their wellbeing, the complex offers a variety of activities and sports for all generations and their interests as they evolve through time. Our business decisions take into account environmental, social, and dominance aspects on which to build a world of possibility, not just challenges.”

After the speeches had concluded, the municipality revealed the recognition wall, a lasting and prominent tribute to all the donors who made the campaign a success.

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