Plans or the recreation complex nearing completion

By Gabrielle Vinette
Plans or the recreation complex nearing completion
Plans for the recreation complex are 75 per cent complete, bringing the June 2024 construction date closer than it has been since the project began in 2015. (Photo : Russell Township website)

The Township of Russell is making progress on the construction documents for the recreational complex, which is now 75 per cent complete. 

Posted on Thursday, February 8, a video shared on YouTube by the municipality shows the 10,000-square-foot community hall, the three ice rinks that will have several private and neutral changing rooms, the six-lane 25-metre swimming pool and a leisure pool, which will be built inside the complex.  

 A final update of the documents will be presented to the municipal council at the end of March so that construction of the recreational complex can begin in June of this year.  

 Parc Jonathan Pitre, located outside the complex, will include accessible play structures as well as exercise equipment for senior citizens, two basketball courts and two tennis courts.  

 The goal of the complex is to become a community recreation and cultural centre for the growing community of Russell and surrounding areas. The municipality has been working on this project since 2015.  

 According to the financial plan for the recreation complex released by the municipality of Russell, a budget of $88 million is earmarked for its completion. Funding for the project will come from a combination of future growth development charges (GDCs), residential taxes and a surcharge on the rental and use of the arena and pool.  

 The municipality is committed to investing $16.4 million between now and 2028 to alleviate some of the existing costs for residents and users.  

 At the end of 2022, the amount of recreational DR will be $7.65 million, with an additional collection forecast of $24.2 million by 2028. 

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