Champlain Servers Down

Par Martine Laval
Champlain Servers Down
Le CN Rail a informé les Comtés unis de Prescott Russell qu'il effectuera des travaux au passage à niveau de la route 34 entre le chemin Pleasant Corner et le chemin de comté 10 de 7 h à 19 h le 21 septembre.- photo Antoine Messier

The migration will result in all of Champlain’s technological tools being inaccessible, including accounting and tax software, email and the internet.

For any questions regarding tax or water/sewer account, residents will need a copy of a recent bill or account/roll number ready.

For non immediate matters, all of Champlain’s services will be restored by Monday at noon. The municipalities core services are still available, and staff can be reached by phone or in person.

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