Trick-or-Treater returns lost ring

Par Claude Martel
Trick-or-Treater returns lost ring

The Hawkesbury Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is officially recognizing the actions of one honest trick-or-treater who helped reunite a distraught resident with a precious heirloom.

When Piper Denis-Berniqué returned from trick-or-treating in Hawkesbury on Halloween, she was expecting toy rings in her candy bag, not a real one. However, when her parents confirmed that it was real, she immediately wanted to find the rightful owner, so the family reported the found ring to the OPP the next day.

Diane Swanson was overjoyed to have her ring back. She’d also called the police to see if the ring had been reported found, and she was very appreciative to learn of Piper’s honesty. Swanson thinks the ring must have fallen off her finger when she put some candy in Piper’s Halloween candy bag.

Whatever the case, everyone involved was very impressed with how Piper handled the situation. She was awarded a Positive Ticket from the OPP, and Swanson wanted to reward the family, although they graciously declined. Instead, Swanson donated $250 to the food bank in their name.

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