Another new subdivision for Limoges

Another new subdivision for Limoges

Two new subdivisions of around 300 dwellings each have been approved in the past year, and a third has been proposed. A mix of around 358 townhomes, semi-detached, and single houses are being considered by La Nation municipality and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (UCPR), according to Mayor François St-Amour.  

“We’ve been working on two big ones, there’s also a third in negotiations,” he said. 

There was a council meeting on September 27 to discuss the latest proposal, affecting 60 acres south of Savage Street at the east edge of Limoges. Group Lauzon is proposing the subdivision, and in addition to the residential units, the proposal also includes a park.  

Traffic studies have been conducted for the area already due to other developments already underway, not least of which is the sports complex, which saw its ground-breaking ceremony on October 4. La Nation Planner Guylain Laflèche said considerations are being made to calm traffic on Savage Street once the subdivision is underway, but that won’t be for a while. According to St-Amour, the three subdivisions will be constructed on a staggered timeline over the next five to ten years to avoid flooding the market with vacant houses. 

The mayor was happy with the announcement, and said he’d like to see commercial development to complement the residential. With a new watermain to bring water in from the Clarence-Rockland system, the community is ripe for expansion. 

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